How it works

What can it do?


Determine keywords

Make a list of your products and services and the regions in which you want to rank highly, because you know them like no other. There are no limits, which means you can create an infinite number of keyword combinations.


Link Tailpage

The tool is linked to your website via API or a direct link. Our technology is compatible with any platform, any website, any CMS.


Give feedback

Our content engineers form the link between your business and Tailpage. Is the tone of voice right? Does it reflect your communication style? Then we're good to go!


Push that button

All content is loaded before leaving the technology to do its work.


Enjoy the results

Sit back, relax and enjoy top-rankings, branding and the resulting conversions.

What guarantees does Tailpage offer?

All available languages

Do you want to publish texts from Dutch to Spanish, from Swedish to Portuguese? All languages, around 100 within our alphabet structure, are possible.

Unique content

The Google Duplicate Content Checker ensures that no duplicate content is created and published. So it's completely Google-proof.

Constant fresh content updates

We generate fresh content every 3 months. Why? That's how we maintain much higher keyword rankings in the search engines. And higher rankings mean more site visitors.

why choose us

Why do our clients choose us?

With Tailpage, you have the opportunity to do something completely innovative within the competitive digital marketing landscape.

Even though digital marketing seems to change rapidly, at its heart, it's always about the same channels. What does change rapidly is the increasing number of competitors.

This drives up the price per channel, view or click, and because there are few other options. So, as an advertiser, you're stuck with that situation. There's no way around it… until now!

Get to the top of Google search results

Dominate all local search results and be the one to claim all these visitors.

Brand lift

People still associate a company's position in search engines with that company's position in the market. This means that top-ranking creates brand lift. Plus, all views are free of charge.

Our guarantee to you

We are so confident in our own abilities that we guarantee you results!

Interested to hear how? Get in touch and we will be pleased to explain it to you.

We help to reduce CPCs

The more closely the page linked to your (SEA) ad matches the search query in Google, the higher the quality score of your (SEA) ad and the less you have to pay for that click and that visitor.

So local pages and higher quality scores will make your local SEA costs cheaper. In addition to SEO and branding benefits, you also save on your SEA pay-per-click budget.