DM Line achieves top Google rankings

DM Line achieves top Google rankings

Affordable bespoke design: that is what DM Line is all about. Dressing rooms, bookcases, sliding doors, you name it. DM Line provides a 100% unique design that fully meets the client's requirements and perfectly matches their interior.

As in many other sectors, the construction and interior design sector is particularly driven by local searches in search engines such as Google. People look for windows and doors, cavity wall insulation, garage doors or made-to-measure wardrobes mostly in combination with the city, municipality or district where they live. They are looking for a distributor or installer who can carry out the work at that particular location and is willing to deliver materials. That is why DM Line wants to be found everywhere in Flanders using their keywords, in combination with all Flemish cities and municipalities.

By occupying high rankings in Google and Bing search results for 'custom-made cupboards', they not only attract the necessary visitors to the website, but they are also seen as the key reference within their market.

So this case was set up for the two most important keywords in their service, 'bespoke cupboards' and 'made-to-measure cupboards'.

Our promise? To achieve as many top rankings as possible in Google search results with their most important keyword clusters for each city, municipality and district in Flanders.

How? The two selected search terms are incorporated into manually written web texts, combined with all 1,177 municipalities across Flanders and Brussels.


Tailpage activated the texts on 23 December 2020 and the first results were reported one month later.

The tracking was done using SE ranking for 1,138 instead of 1,177 Flemish and Brussels municipalities. Some duplicate place names were removed, such as Beveren, Heusden, Meldert, etc.

De tracking gebeurt met SE-ranking op 1.138 ipv 1.177 Vlaamse en Brusselse gemeentes. Sommige plaatsnamen worden ontdubbeld. Denk maar aan Beveren, Heusden, Meldert etc.

Made-to-measure cupboards achieved the following rankings on 23 January:

  • 517 at 1
  • 741 in the top 3
  • 872 in the top 5
  • 971 in the top 10

For the 2nd keyword, bespoke cupboards, this resulted in the following rankings:

  • 523 at 1
  • 744 in the top 3
  • 882 in the top 5
  • 966 in the top 10

What does this result mean for DM Line?

Custom design services have to compete in a highly competitive market with large players who have sizeable budgets to spend on brand awareness on radio and TV.

When comparing the rankings of the competitor Camber on the keyword 'bespoke cupboards' with DM Line, we arrived at the following result on 24 January, which speaks for itself:

DM Line Camber
At number 1 523 21
In the top 3 744 58
In the top 5 882 123
In the top 10 966 268

In conclusion

If you know that the search volume is used very generically, but in reality up to 60% of searches for construction and interior design sectors are local, DM Line has made a smart choice:

  • They position themselves as leaders in local searches
  • Potential customers automatically move further into the purchase funnel
  • DM Line generates higher traffic quality

DM Line has a significantly lower spending budget by not advertising on radio, TV or with other larger players where you end up with too broad an audience, but instead attracts the right leads and higher quality leads with this strategy and also continues to build its brand awareness with the right audience.