Top Google rankings for web development at OMcollective

Top Google rankings for web development at OMcollective

OMcollective is a digital marketing agency based in Sint-Niklaas that helps clients to improve their digital profile and marketing. There are some considerable challenges in the rapidly evolving digital world. Standing out from the competition is the defining challenge of this decade, and that's no less true for a digital marketing agency.

However you look at it, your brand image in the market is not only about the services and the quality of the services you offer, but also about your ranking in Google search results. Top Google rankings give you a branding boost, provided your service is also outstanding, of course.

OMcollective set up a test case with Tailpage. Why? The aim was twofold: on the one hand, OMcollective wanted to measure the impact that Tailpage can generate by using the right keywords. On the other hand, as a digital agency, they also wanted to see, based on the success of Tailpage, whether it could be used for their own clients.


The test case was set up for web development − a service that was included in the OMcollective service range from early 2020.

Why was web development chosen?

  • Without a history or backlink profile, the effect of Tailpage can be measured from scratch.
  • It is a service that is sought after locally (rather than online marketing). Given that Tailpage's strength lies in long-tail keywords combined with location, this was expected to yield the necessary results.

The promise? To achieve as many top Google rankings as possible with the most important keywords in the web development keyword cluster linked to all municipalities in Flanders.

Which keywords were selected?

  • Web development
  • Building a website
  • Web design
  • Website developer
  • Website development

These five keywords were combined with all 1,155 municipalities in Flanders plus 22 municipalities in Brussels.


Tailpage generated and implemented xxxx web texts on 1 October 2020, taking into account a set-up time of three weeks. The first results arrived from 5 October 2020.

Tracking was carried out using SE Ranking, an open-ended rank tracker.

From 10 October, an exponential increase in the number of top rankings could be seen. That increase continued week after week.

Of the 5,885 tracked keyword combinations (the five keywords measured across the 1,177 locations), these were the rankings on 20 January 2021:

  • 542 at 1
  • 1,586 in the top 3
  • 1,843 in the top 5
  • 2,247 in the top 10

What does this result mean for OMcollective?

  • A branding boost for the OMcollective brand and for development as a service within the portfolio.
  • A significant increase in the number of web development requests.

What's next?

OMcollective will continue to roll out Tailpage with other keyword combinations and also include the Southern Netherlands and Wallonia regions.

Tailpage is regarded by OMcollective as a new channel that provides the perfect interface with SEO, SEA and branding, all of which are channels and services in which OMcollective has expertise anyway.