About us

The first building blocks for Tailpage were laid in 2019. One year later, we launched the alpha version and developed it further with the help of several believers and loyal first customers. Another year later, in 2021, the beta version went live and was finalised into the finished product we know today. Tailpage is now running at full speed, with a lot of expertise and experience behind it.


Who or what are we exactly?

  • Our software offers the ideal solution for your local SEO strategy. Because we get it, you and SEO.
  • A team of experts in SEO, development and content engineering. They help you throughout the whole process, from A to Z, with onboarding, installation and set-up.
  • Our office is located in Sint-Niklaas, atypically. No Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels or Amsterdam for us.

Want to make your business stand out locally? You know where to find us!



Paving the way to conquer the local SEO market. Ambitious, we know. But that's just the way we like it. Our team of experts is 100% committed every day to making it happen for you. Meet the faces behind our software!

Michel De Baer

CEO Tailpage

Michel is the founder of Tailpage. A marketer through and through for 15 years, with in-depth knowledge of SEO, marketing and the ins and outs of Google, among other things. He works on a daily basis with companies, from small SMEs to the large multinationals, and knows their (local) needs.

Lennert Vintevogel

Business Developer

From the initial contact to a discussion of the results being notched up, Lennert is your man. He is your rock throughout your entire Tailpage journey.

Amber Verleyen

Content engineer

Amber ensures that your input matches the final texts. SEO-optimised and without duplicate content. A real treat for Google.

Helena Vandenbulcke

Project manager

The first point of contact for all your questions and the person who actively helps you to lift your local SEO up to a higher level? That’s our project manager Helena.


Onze partners

Tailpage is the product of the effort of a lot of people and partners.
Therefore, we would like to thank OMcollective as an incubator and marketing agency.

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Stationsplein 29C
9100 Sint-Niklaas

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